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Boating Under the Influence in Fort Lauderdale

BUI Charges in Fort Lauderdale

Florida is surrounded by water on three sides and has many lakes and canals.  You can receive a BUI in Florida if you are operating a vessal on the water while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Approximately 30 percent of all boating accidents are alcohol-related.    A BUI investigation is very similar to a DUI investigation.  After the stop of your vessal, the will likely request that you do FSE’s and submit to a breath test.  One thing that is very different when you are boating, law enforcement can board your vessal at any time to conduct “ramdom safety inspections.”  These inspections often lead to law enforcemnt smelling the odor of alcohol and arrest for BUI.  If you are stopped on the water, law enforcement will often bring you to the shore to conduct Field Sobriety Exercises.  However, we all know that you often have “sea legs” when you have been on a vessal for an extended period of time.  This could affect your performance on the FSE and give law enforcemnt the impression that you have had too much to drink when you have not.  A Ft. Lauderdale DUI Attorney can defend you from these serious charges and ensure that your rights are upheld.

Ft. Lauderdale Boating Under the Influence Lawyer

The sooner you contact an attorney, the better chance you will have.  A BUI lawyer can build your defense case and greatly improve your chances of getting your case dismissed.  We have over 16 years in DUI defense experience and our attorneys are highly trained and qualified.  We urge you to contact us at once if you have been arrested and charged with any BUI offense.  The speed with which we get to work can make a difference on the outcome of your case.

Contact a Ft. Lauderdale BUI Attorney today if you are facing boating under the influence charges.

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