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Assault is a legal term that essentially means to threaten another. For example, if an assailant were to verbally threaten another with a clenched fist aimed at its intended recipient, this could be considered an assault. If the assailant, however, were to threaten in a way that put another in fear of serious injury using a weapon that was dangerous or deadly, the crime could then be considered to be “assault with a deadly weapon.” Some examples of such weapons could include:

  • A rifle or handgun
  • A switchblade
  • A sword
  • A dagger
  • Brass knuckles
  • An bomb
  • A grenade
  • One of many martial arts weapons

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is when an assault offense is made more serious due to the circumstances. This widens the crime of assault considerably in that it can now include actual injury done to another. Penalties for aggravated assault are more serious that simple assault. Some examples of aggravated assault could be (depending on the jurisdiction):

  • The infliction of a serious injury to another
  • Assaulting a police officer or prison guard
  • The assault of a young child by an adult
  • Serious injury to another by a drunk driver

The charge of assault with a deadly weapon in many cases falls under the category of aggravated assault and so the two terms have to some degree become linked to each other.

If charged with one of these crimes, consulting a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney is highly recommended. We at DiRenzo Defense have years of experience defending those facing such charges in the Fort Lauderdale area. Contact an Aggravated Assault Defense Lawyer if in need of legal advice on an assault case.

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