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What are assault & battery charges?

Assault is a crime where one threatens another with violence, causing the person threatened to be apprehensive of unwanted contact. This threat of harm would be accompanied by the apparent ability of the aggressor to carry out the threat. Battery is the unlawful physical contact with another, whether harmful or offensive to the victim. The combination of these two violent crimes is known as “assault and battery” – an unpermitted and unlawful touching of another.

An example of this might be an assailant threatening another by yelling at them and raising a clenched fist as if about to deliver a punch. Once the assailant actually delivers a blow to the victim, the crime then becomes battery – whether it resulted in harmful or offensive contact or was simply committed with the purpose of causing harmful or offensive contact. Accidental contact, regardless of the outcome, is not considered battery. The conviction of assault and battery charges can mean for the convicted, years of imprisonment, severe fines, restitution and probation.

More on Battery

There are a number of subcategories for battery that are used to determine the severity of the punishment.

  • Simple battery is when any form of undesired contact occurs whether harmful or simply insulting
  • Sexual battery is the undesired contact of intimate body parts using a body part or any object
  • Family-violence battery is when there is undesired and unlawful contact between those in a familial relationship
  • Aggravated battery means the victim lost a limb or suffered some sort of disfigurement as a result of the undesired contact

Defending an assault and/or battery charge can be complicated and should be done by a professional Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer. Our firm has extensive experienced in defending these and other such criminal charges. Contact us right away if faced with an assault or battery charge in the Fort Lauderdale.

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