Bench Warrant

Fort Lauderdale Bench Warrant Attorney

If you failed to appear in court or if you have violated any conditions of your probation, the court will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. In some cases, although you should be informed of such a warrant, you may not be and won’t realize it until you are stopped for a traffic violation and suddenly find yourself being arrested. If you have been notified or suspect a bench warrant has been issued you should speak a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney at DiRenzo Defense to get help addressing the warrant. Postponing or avoiding handling a bench warrant will only increase the penalties, fines and could even put you in jail.

If you are arrested for a bench warrant, you will be put in jail and possibly held without bail until you go to court for your original offense. When you visit our offices, we will help determine if you do have a bench warrant and what the warrant states. If you were never informed of the original hearing or violation we may be able to get the warrant dismissed. The more serious the charges the higher the fines can become, sometimes reaching thousands of dollars.

Once we discuss the details of your warrant and your case we can represent you to negotiate not only the dismissal of your warrant but also to resolve your original charge with the judge. In this way you may be able to avoid any unnecessary fines or penalties. We can also negotiate with the court to reschedule the appointment you missed and get the entire matter resolved. There are a number of ways to effectively handle both your bench warrant as well as settling your original charges. This becomes much more possible when you have the help of an experienced and aggressive criminal defense law firm representing your interests. Contact a Fort Lauderdale Bench Warrant Lawyer to help you resolve an outstanding bench warrant for your arrest for failure to appear or for probation violations.

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