DUI Defenses Fort Lauderdale

DUI Defenses in Ft. Lauderdale

There Are Defenses for DUI

Penalties for DUI in Florida are amongst the toughest in the Country. State lawmakers have determined that impaired drivers are more likely to cause an accident or injury and the penalties reflect their attempts to curb drunk driving in the Fort Lauderdale area and other parts of Florida. A conviction of DUI can drastically affect the rest of your life. If you were told you failed a field sobriety test or breath, blood or urine test which showed a BAC (blood alcohol content) of 0.8% or higher, DO NOT passively plead guilty. There are a number of defenses which an experienced Ft. Lauderdale DUI attorney can use in your defense. Many Fort Lauderdale clients charged with DUI have had charges reduced and cases against them dismissed due to the efforts of our talented legal team.

DUI Defense Lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale

An individual charged with DUI is never automatically guilty. The circumstances of each DUI arrest are different and a solid defense must be constructed based upon the sequence of events in your arrest. A thorough investigation of the officer’s conduct must be carried out to determine whether your rights were violated at any stage from the initial stop to the time of arrest. Firstly an officer must have reason to stop you, and then must have reason to carry out any tests. The officer must have training to conduct tests. Test devices must be properly maintained and calibrated. Certain specific procedures must be followed.

The officer must have probable cause for an arrest such as the smell of alcohol or obvious signs of impairment. The officer must appear to give testimony when requested. Breathalyzer tests have been proven to be unreliable in some cases. Your court case must begin within 90 days for a misdemeanor DUI and 175 days for a felony DUI. An experienced DUI defense lawyer, upon identifying any flaws can demand the evidence obtained through an improper procedure be suppressed. Illegally gained evidence cannot be used against you. When a crucial piece of evidence is suppressed charges may be reduced or dismissed altogether.

The legal team at our firm understands how stressful a DUI arrest can be. A DUI defense lawyer will have the seriousness of the consequences of a conviction firmly in mind when addressing your case. Our legal team will work closely with you throughout the duration of your defense. Call DiRenzo Defense to discuss your defense.

Contact a Ft. Lauderdale DUI Defense Attorney at our firm who will fight relentlessly in your defense.

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