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It is essential that an individual charged with a DUI have an experienced DUI defense attorney who can fight the serious charges.  The punishment for a DUI conviction can include incarceration, fines and costs, probation, driver’s license revocation, vehicle impound, and other mandatory penalties.  A loss of a driver’s license can have adverse affects on an individual who depends on a vehicle to get to and from work or school.

A DUI conviction may cause a loss of employment and disqualify a person from holding certain professional licenses.  A person facing a DUI charge should contact a West Palm Beach DUI attorney  immediately for assistance in fighting the serious criminal charge.  The criminal defense lawyers at DiRenzo & Weick are knowledgeable in the laws dealing with driving under the influence and defend many clients charged with DUIs.

Attorneys Defend DUI Charges

An officer can pull over any person suspected of driving under the influence.  A sobriety test is the next step to determine the intoxication level of the vehicle operator.  The test requires correct administration to get accurate results.  A driver with an alcohol level above the legal limits faces arrest, car impound, and serious DUI charges.   Other factors may complicate the whole process.  A drunk driver who causes a car accident resulting in property damage, injuries or loss of life faces increased penalties.  Open containers or the presence of children the in car can certainly increase the punishment handed down by a judge.  Prior DUI offenses or a drunk driver who flees the scene of an accident can receive a felony charge.

Due to the extreme seriousness of a DUI conviction and the consequent punishment, an individual can protect his interests and will benefit from working with an experienced DUI defense attorney.  A defense would attack the DUI evidence presented by the prosecution.  Reviewing and evaluating the evidence, police reports and the validity of the sobriety test results are vital in defense.  The attorneys at DiRenzo & Weick are recognized and certified criminal defense attorneys in the states of Florida and Ohio.  Their goal is possible reduced or dismissed DUI charges.  Make an appointment today for a case review and consultation with one of our qualified DUI attorneys.

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