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Charged with DUI in Fort Lauderdale?

Facing DUI charges is a serious legal matter in our state. Even a first DUI offense, if convicted, can lead to serious consequences. For those who have a prior conviction on their record, the situation is even more dangerous. It is critical that you contact a Ft. Lauderdale DUI lawyer before your case progresses any further. The more quickly our legal team at Direnzo Defense gets into action in defending your case, the more likely you will get a favorable outcome, whether a dismissed case, acquittal or alternatives to jail time.

We provide experienced and aggressive legal representation to clients who are accused of all types of DUI offense, including but not limited to multiple DUI, under 21 DUI or out of state DUI. If you have been charged with a commercial DUI offense for driving a commercial vehicle while under the influence, you may receive harsh penalties if convicted. Even if you are charged with a first time DUI, the state of Florida will take your case very seriously. If your DUI resulted in injury to another person, the penalties may be even more severe. DUI accidents with injury can result in 12 months in jail and a fine of $1000 if you are convicted.

The legal team at our firm understands the serious nature of DUI accidents and felony DUIs. We have experience in handling DUI appeals for clients who believe their cases had serious violations. Please contact our firm immediately if you are looking to file for an appeal. Your petition must be carried out in a timely manner and in the correct way to ensure that you have a chance to challenge your conviction. For any other questions regarding DUI & drugs andDMV hearings, or about serious criminal charges involving cases of leaving the scene, vehicular manslaughter, boating under the influence, contact a Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney.

DUI Lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale

Who you choose to represent you to defend your case makes a difference. Does the attorney have experience in DUI cases? Do they have a strong record in defending serious felony DUI accusations? Many law firms will claim to provide this service but may not have the experience and proven record in defending DUI cases in court. DUI charges have scientific evidence that is always crucial to the prosecutor’s case. This includes breath test results (BAC), field sobriety testing, and police reports. Our legal team has long experience in seeking out the flaws in the evidence, whether it is evidence of failures to administer tests correctly, or a tough cross-examination of law enforcement about the case.

There are many cases in which the initial police stop was later discovered to have violated the rights of the individual – there was no “probable cause”. These cases are aggressively challenged to seek a full dismissal. We carefully comb through every part of the evidence collected against you, seeking out the errors and flaws that we will exploit to defend your case. When serious felony charges have been filed against you, it is crucial that you act quickly as if you are convicted, you could expect to spend years in state prison, and every part of your future life completely altered.

Defending DUI Cases in Ft. Lauderdale

Our DUI defense attorney knows exactly how important the outcome of the case will be to you, your finances and your future. We urge you to contact our firm as quickly after the arrest as possible so that we can immediately initiate the necessary defense actions on your behalf.

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