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Facing criminal charges is overwhelming and confusing, and it is crucial to be aware of your rights and options from the start of your case. The state of Florida imposes harsh penalties upon those convicted of committing a crime, which is why you must retain a competent and respected criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. With the help of DiRenzo Defense, you can feel confident that you will receive the aggressive representation you need to fight your charges.


Our firm has successfully represented clients in many areas of criminal defense, and we offer seasoned defense counsel in the face of warrants, such as bench warrants for failures to appear in court or pay fines. If you have been charged with a DUI, we can assess the circumstances of your arrest to determine if your rights were violated or if your BAC test results were tainted in any way. We can also provide you with effective advocacy at your DHSMV hearing to fight for your driving privileges. Your long text For more information, contact a Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer by calling our law firm. If you have been charged [ view more ] with a drug offense, our team can aggressively defend you against the allegations. We will investigate the situation and if the evidence against you was obtained through an illegal search and seizure, we can move to have the evidence ruled inadmissible in court and implore the judge to dismiss your charges. We have represented numerous clients in theft cases, and know the strategies the prosecution will attempt to use against you. Our firm is prepared to provide smart and relentless defense in the courtroom against serious accusations of federal crimes, and we will tirelessly advocate on your behalf.


A criminal conviction will have severe impact upon your life, and your relationships, career, freedom, and future will suffer. With so much on the line, why would trust your case to a disinterested public defender? You need the advocacy of an experienced law firm that is absolutely committed to your interests. Our firm has defended countless clients during our more than 30 years of combined practice, and we have tried over 400 jury trials. Our team's detailed understanding of the state's criminal code and our extensive courtroom experience provide your case with the powerful and strategic representation needed to challenge the allegations brought against you. [ view more ]Entering the criminal justice system can be a frightening experience. You become a nameless number as you are booked and arrested. We understand the anxiety you must be feeling and are dedicated to guiding you through the legal process with the information you will need to understand your situation fully. It is never an easy circumstance to be facing a criminal charge, but by retaining our firm you can rest assured we will provide you knowledgeable legal counsel that will treat you with respect. Our firm is committed to providing all of our clients with one on one attention in every case in returning telephone calls and answering all of your questions.


We know that the outcome of your case may have a profound impact on your life and your family, whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, a white collar crime or a violent offense. Every case is unique, and our team accordingly provides personalized attention to each client in order to ensure that his or her interests and particular goals are addressed. In addition, for those already convicted and needing post-conviction relief, we offer our experienced counsel in appeals, expungement and probation violations. Our practice is exclusively dedicated to defending the people of Florida against criminal charges,  [ view more ]  and we understand how invaluable knowledgeable legal counsel is to your trial. Through our extensive investigation into the circumstances that led to your arrest and the evidence and witnesses the prosecution intends to use against you, we can build a strong and comprehensive defense and prepare for whatever they may try to throw at us. We will provide you with the powerful support you need in the courtroom, and ensure you are given a fair trial.


Being convicted of a criminal charge can be a life-altering event that will greatly affect your future. The penalties for a conviction are high, including jail or prison time, costly fines, possible probation, community service, loss of license and mandatory treatment classes. Even after serving your sentence, you will not be able to escape the consequences. Many find that once they have a conviction on their record, it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain employment, housing and even insurance rates and credit costs can skyrocket. For those convicted of sex crimes, they may be required to register for life as a sex offender and will have great difficulty in finding housing. [ view more ] The state provides public counsel to those who cannot afford private representation, but this option should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Public defenders are often overworked, handling far too many cases at once to allow them to put in the effort needed to effectively defend their clients. At our firm, we provide dedicated, knowledgeable, and attentive legal counsel to each client we serve. We understand the gravity of your verdict, so our seasoned attorneys thoroughly prepare compelling defenses that provide our clients with a powerful legal voice and the best opportunity to achieve a successful verdict.


No matter how the odds seem to be stacked against you, you should never go down without a fight. Our exceptional team at DiRenzo Defense believes you deserve strong and adamant representation, and you can be confident that you will receive nothing less than tireless and knowledgeable counsel if you enlist our firm for your case. We urge you to retain our knowledgeable professionals to provide you with a strong and effective defense. With a former prosecutor on our team, our firm has a keen insight into the procedures used by prosecutors to develop their cases. Having helped thousands of clients to fight their criminal charges, you can depend on our firm [ view more ] to be there for you when you need it most. If you would like to learn more about our services or are seeking helpful information and guidance related to your specific case, please feel free to call our firm at your earliest convenience to undergo a confidential case analysis. We are standing by to see how we can help you.

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